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It Isn’t Bragging When Your Clients and Opponents Recommend You

During 30-plus years of putting Texas law work for our clients we’ve accumulated an impressive list of testimonials.

Here are just a few:

Mr. Langford handled my divorce and I was most impressed with his compassion for my situation, great knowledge of the legal system, and his clear communication of it to me. He was at all times courteous, prompt in returning calls and responding to written correspondence, thorough, and was able to put me at ease during an anxious time. His high moral standards are what we need when we look for legal counsel.

Sue B.

My mother moved to Houston from Florida and several questions arose concerning her personal papers, will, power of attorney, property etc. Gary checked them out, gave us a range of options and helped us make everything Texas legal. Since then I’ve had Gary help my wife and me get all our legal matters in order. He’s extremely thorough and very professional. I recommend him highly.

Patrick D.

I have been practicing law in the Houston area for over (30) years and on every occasion when I have a family member, a friend, or a client contact me for guidance and/or representation in family law matters I without hesitation, refer them to Gary. I have witnessed firsthand Gary’s ability, professionalism, and his commitment to his clients; and would strongly encourage others to contact Gary when in need of advice or representation in family law matters.

James G., Attorney at Law

When I was sued (wrongfully I might add) I contacted Gary Langford for council. He examined all the circumstances, laid out a plan and defended my rights vigorously. We won hands down. Since then I have recommended Gary to several of my friends and he’s come through every time.

Phil L.

I have known Gary Langford since 1983. During that time he has written my wife’s and my wills. He has also drafted and filed the incorporation papers for my business and helped me with other smaller legal matters.

I recommended Gary to one of my brothers to help with a very contentious divorce and he negotiated a most favorable outcome. He has also helped another brother with real estate matters.

Gary accomplished all of this in a very professional and businesslike manner. He is a trusted counselor in every sense of the word. An “Honest-to-Goodness” true Texas lawyer who I would heartily recommend to anyone looking for excellent legal representation.


Jay W.

When I decided to buy my pest control business I had no idea what I was doing or how I would do it. Gary Langford walked me through all the steps necessary in taking over a business and educated me in everything I needed to do from purchase, through taxes and accounting. He was patient and very thorough with all my questions. Even the small trivial ones.

I am very grateful and impressed with everything Gary did for me and my new business.

Scott M.

When my wife and I went to see Gary after the birth of our children, we had no idea what to expect. The thought of discussing the day when either or both of us were no longer on this earth was something we were dreading, but knew had to be done for the sake of our family. We both thought that the important issues revolved around dividing up assets. We were certain that drafting our wills was going to be more of a financial exercise than anything else.

We sat with Gary for a couple of hours, discussing scenarios relating to the future of our children that neither of us had ever thought of. Gary was very patient with us and had a style of eliciting the information that he needed in a very comfortable manner. He is a true “counselor” in every sense of the word. We exited that meeting with a feeling of calm and relief and 5 plus years later, we realize that the planning that we did then, most of which having nothing to do with finances, gives us peace of mind to this very day.

I would recommend Gary to anyone.

Michael C.

We had been involved in leases before and learned the hard way that without a good lawyer on hand you could get into trouble. This time we did have a good lawyer, Gary Langford. He not only reviewed our lease agreement but also suggested areas where we could omit wording, change things, or simply eliminate a paragraph altogether. Gary was adamant about deadlines and time lines so that we could avoid excessive rent charges, penalties, etc. He saved us from falling into a situation that could have cost us quite a bit of money.

So many people think they can do it themselves, that they don’t need to “pay an attorney,” but in today’s world you just can’t afford not to do it right the first time. Gary doesn’t make you feel dumb for asking those “dumb” questions.

In addition to having used Gary for our business, I have sent several people to talk to Gary concerning their personal situations including divorce and personal injury.

We will use Gary again in our business and we will continue to send him referrals. Having someone you can trust and be open with is better than insurance!

Marcia W.

It is essential in the insurance business today to have a close working relationship with a competent, trustworthy legal advisor.  I have found this person in Gary Langford.  He has counseled us in our everyday business as well as intricate real estate leases and other types of company contracts.  Gary has been instrumental in helping us avoid employee termination problems, hiring problems and mitigating personnel conflict issues.  This has undoubtedly saved our firm from countless potential legal problems.  He has my highest recommendation as a knowledgeable and attentive attorney.

Michael V.

Gary handled my divorce in a very professional manner. With his guidance and knowledge my case was successfully mediated in just a short time. His representation far exceeded my expectations.

I would recommend Gary to anyone.

Kathryn W.

As a commercial real estate broker I need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to review legal documents. I’ve found Gary Langford to be an excellent source, with an eagle eye. His council and recommendations on leases and earnest money contracts typically result in satisfaction for my buyers, sellers and tenants. I refer all my clients to him to ensure all the legal documents are fair and equitable.

Gary protects my clients’ legal interests and makes my job much easier.

Mary Anne T.