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What’s New And Interesting…

From time to time we’ll come across interesting news about the law, or something that we think people looking for legal representation should know. It might be an article or a factoid. In any case, if we think it’s important, we’ll put it here.

In addition, we’ve listed a series of links to websites that might contain legal information useful to your situation.


Harris County Family Courts
Harris County Domestic Relations Office
Harris County District Clerk
Fort Bend County—Family Section
Montgomery County District Clerk
Texas Online
Texas Legislature Online
Texas Courts Online
The Supreme Court of Texas
Texas Office of Court Administration
Texas Attorney General
Texas Bar Association
Houston Bar Association
Texas Attorney General Child Support Division
Texas Child Support Calculator
Window on State Government
Texas Vital Statistics


Change Names Now!

It is economically advantageous to include any change of names as part of the original divorce agreement. If you wait until after the divorce decree to make a name change a new set of procedures, papers and fees will be incurred.

Division of Marital Property

The Texas 50/50 Division of Marital Property does not necessarily mean that all property, holdings and other marital assets will be divided equally. Many factors can establish a need for an “unequal” division of marital assets.

Texas Business Laws Can Be Rigid!

For example: Filing of liens, recovering debts and other such matters have very strict and unforgiving deadlines. If you don’t file on time, all claims and avenues of recovery can be forfeited.