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Prepaid Legal Service Plans

Many middle-income individuals in America need the help of a lawyer but are unable to afford one. Prepaid legal service plans offer affordable legal services to middle-income individuals and families. Prepaid plans emphasize preventive law. By allowing a plan member easy access to an attorney, legal problems can be avoided or resolved quickly. This article explains how prepaid legal service plans work. It also outlines the types of legal services available through such plans.

Impaired Driving — Fatigue, Cell Phone Use, And Telematics

Impaired driving refers to anything that distracts a driver and interferes with his/her capable performance of the task of driving. Driving can be impaired by drug use, alcohol use, driver fatigue, cell phone use, and anything else that distracts the driver, such as eating food or putting on makeup. The use of computers and navigation devices in cars called telematics can also distract a driver. This article explores driver fatigue, cell phone use, and telematics.

Service of Process — Notice of a Lawsuit

A lawsuit begins when a plaintiff (the party suing) files a complaint with the clerk of courts. The defendant (the person or company being sued) is given notice that a lawsuit has been filed and is “summoned” to appear before the court. Service of process means that the defendant is given notice of the lawsuit and a copy of the complaint that was filed.

United States Marshals Service

The United States Marshals Service is a federal law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Justice. U.S. Marshals are appointed by the President of the United States or the Attorney General of the United States. The mission of the U.S. Marshals is to protect the federal courts and to ensure the efficient operation of the judicial system.

General Civil Litigation

Criminal litigation involves the government’s prosecution of a person because of an alleged commission of a crime. Criminal behavior is punished by imposing a fine and/or imprisonment on the offender. All criminal proceedings are initiated by a government entity. General civil litigation, on the other hand, involves disputes between private parties. A civil lawsuit is initiated by one person against another person, business, or government entity. There can be multiple plaintiffs (person suing) and/or multiple defendan

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