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Taking Care of Businesses

Few things are more exciting or rewarding than creating a business, buying a business or merging with another business. Few things are more complicated and difficult than attempting any of these without the counsel of a good lawyer, well schooled in business law. For over 30 years the law offices of J. Gary Langford have helped clients undertake these endeavors to the ultimate satisfaction of all concerned.

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

The saying “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” is never more applicable than in the laws of business. Literally thousands of local, state and federal laws may affect a given circumstance. If you don’t know which laws can affect your business and how to apply them, you and your business could fail. Here are some steps we take to help prevent a business failure and to promote your business success.

  • Conscientiously undertake due diligence to determine the precise nature and extent of the enterprise.
  • Explain the various legal forms of organizational options available.
  • Prepare all necessary legal documents and file with the appropriate local and state agencies.
  • Provide advice for necessary insurance and accounting procedures.
  • Create and review contracts such as stockholder buy-sell agreements and asset/stock sell-purchase agreements.
  • Assist clients in maintaining separate personal and corporate existence.
  • Be available to assist in contractual and business litigation procedures.

Creativity in Business

Many business laws are less than precise. This leaves room for all parties to negotiate and craft mutually acceptable business arrangements. The law offices of J. Gary Langford have created, drafted and reviewed contracts covering a wide range of optional conditions to the satisfaction of our clients. To see a few comments, please go to the Testimonials section.